A downloadable proof-of-concept for Windows

The Border is a fictional 2-D sidescroller of interactive narrative about modern immigration across the Mexican-US border. The mother, living in rural Mexico with her children, is no longer receiving necessary financial support from her family that is residing in the US. With her local situation worsening and resources dwindling, she makes the difficult decision to pack up her family and go into the unknown.

The Border is an incomplete demo-sized, proof-of-concept empathy game about the trials and tribulations of Latino Immigration to the USA. We built this game in Unity 5 as our senior capstone project. Our goal is to convey these experiences though interviews, research, and narrative that can be appreciated by anyone and everyone that plays.

Feel free to comment with feedback, suggestions, and reactions!


Please be aware that this is an incomplete project that we've stepped away from. We're considering doing a pass or two of polish in the future, but it's currently on the shelf. :)


TheBorderAlphaBuild.zip 57 MB

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